Video Editing w Sony Vegas

Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Blog, Current Events, Personal Updates, Professional

Video Editing w Sony Vegas

I get myself into more than I bargain for… And today was no different.

Small elements of my projects can fill an entire day because I have to learn whatever the hell I’m doing while in the process of getting things done…

This is a screenshot of the rendering process… 11 tracks, stock footage, recorded video, and 3 hours of tutorials… And after 6 hours of playing with software, here’s my first Sony Vegas video.

By the way, we’re still figuring out our video posting capabilities… A gallery is coming soon! MP4 followed by Flash links below…

High Bandwidth 720

Low Bandwidth 320 and iPhone!

Low Bandwidth 240 and iPhone!

If you have flash, these are the two videos (high and low bandwidth) in flash format!
720×480 High Bandwidth

320×240 Low Bandwidth

…And I have a headache.

Btw, rendering 16:9 is a pain in the ass! Video in the project is 720×480. I try and render it with the same pixel resolution and it comes out 4:3… Kind of annoying… Does anyone know why mp4 video has to be rendered differently on the way out? It also doesn’t read in QuickTime videos unless you have version 7.6… Anything from 7.6.6 and higher makes Vegas blind to the composite.