Things I’ve Done

My career has been wrought with side projects that have deeply enhanced my perspective. Despite my circuitous path towards developing a focused purpose, each project has been a large or small personal accomplishment all its own.


Despite the amateurish nature of my writing at this stage of my life, I’ll include a link to my doctoral thesisThis is a powerpoint that accompanied a talk about my research. This is the official paper from the MIT BLAST collaboration.

The past four years, I contributed to a startup in Princeton known as Twinleaf. It is a company that designs ultra-precise magnetometers. In order to measure magnetic fields to the nearest picotesla, it requires precision engineering of magnetic shielding and field coils. My main contribution to the company was designing software that would find the ideal geometric constraints to optimize for shielding factor and uniformity in the region of the sensor, using Matlab and COMSOL. This product is designed from the direct application of my code. At this job I also designed a huge magnetic shield, very small versions of the three-dimensional magnetic field coils, and I had made several very small fluxgate magnetometers. I was also charged with attempting the software for a ray tracer for a multipass optic cell . In Matlab, I wrote a looping minimization script that carved cylindrical planes and calculated geometric tolerance on focal length, separation length, input angle, and twist angle. This is just one snapshot of a viable configuration.

This is a presentation I also put together for my Biophysics class on Water is also a project I’ll never forget. Water is probably the most interesting substance on Earth.

This is an UV LED strip that naturally produces Vitamin D in your skin. We’re struggling to patent its method through waterproofing.


These are three of my freshmen classes from 2010.

This is a senior class from this year: .

This is how one senior laughably answered an open-ended question.

This is a picture of the robot I helped create during the first FIRST Robotics competition in which our high school competed.

This is the website for a wrestling team that I coached along with Tom White and Scott Gerba. We dismantled the program and rebuilt it in our image. In two years we went from 2-22 to 11-8.

This is my class website from JP Stevens high school.

This is the most recent curriculum I designed for Edison Township’s Level 1 Physics. I’d also post the midterm and final that I wrote, but I’d prefer to prevent cheating.



I’m currently putting myself through a barrage of web design work. The website you’re currently reading is my second project. My first project is My third project will be the online school for Model UN Education, specifically I am managing the design of my business site: I am also beginning working on the media and design for, and An interactive eBook platform as a web app is also being developed for use with the book MUN-E.

My wedding just passed and I was entrusted to a great deal of the planning, printing, and design. A few of my files that I can share here are:

  1. The design of the front & back of the wedding program
  2. The wedding tents
  3. An info insert for the wedding invitations
  4. The label on our wedding favor, homemade Limoncello
  5. A very terse wedding website
My wife and I make Limoncello every year for Christmas… so every year I design a label. Here’s Xmas, 2011.
The design of the cover of our book for Model UN Education was also done by yours truly. This is the full cover. The Axis of Excellence from inside the book is also my design. I like to think that it’s quite accurate.

The following two links are a project that never came to fruition. At Rutgers, I came to fall in love with the crude & satirical newspaper known as The Medium. When I was living in Arizona in 2006, I attempted to create my own 8 page version. I had an artist draw my design for the cover and I had used Quarkpress for the first time to create these 8 pages of content. Most of the jokes are towards Arizona State University. This newspaper is pure humor with very little care for preventing offense. The best jokes are always half true while the people with the best sense of humor never mind bearing the brunt, e.g. every Roast that’s ever been aired.

A few years ago my school had a comedy show… they asked me to participate. No, I do not practice comedy. Here’s the result.



I’ve been singing since I was in elementary school.

When I joined Rutgers University, I was also accepted into the Rutgers Glee Club. Every few years, the Glee Club records and album and I was lucky enough to be a member when one of these albums was recorded. These three links: 12, and 3, are songs from that album Let Thy Good Spirit.

In Arizona, I sang with two bands. This is a cover of Cream’s Whiteroom and an original by Sixteen Standard. This is a cover of Moe’s Plane Crash by the Phatty Acidz.

When I moved to Boston to work with the collaboration at MIT, I started singing for a Tool Tribute band called Faceplate. I have the most recorded material from this band… most of these performances were done in a basement.

  1. Prison Sex
  2. Sober
  3. 46 & 2
  4. Aenema
  5. Lateralus
  6. Part of Me
  7. The Grudge

When I returned to Arizona, I decided to take training as an audio engineer while I was finishing graduate school. I was recording, engineering, and mixing an instrumental band that I would sing for on occasion. These are three recordings I made for them: 12, & 3.

When I started playing with digital music in college, I had made some amateur projects that I don’t mind sharing.

With my experience in Pro Tools, I’ve also done some work converting tapes to digital (80’s Italian music horribly recorded to cassettePrinceton Nassoons singing a rendition of Paul Simon), removing tape hiss and other noise, EQ-ing and compressing the audio.


This is an introduction to meditation that I wrote in 2008.

These pictures are of weddings I’ve officiated:

I won the “under 175 lb” weight class in moving push hands at the US Open in Brooklyn. I weighed 140 lbs at the time. This is my Tai Chi dojo.