Services I Offer

When practicing as a consultant, my goal is not to maintain a monopoly over the expertise I am hired for, but to transfer my expertise to the client. In a dynamic policy and work environment I will always be learning, as will the client. Program evaluation, survey sampling, statistical trending and forecasting, and assessment evaluation are a small set of the services I offer.

If you require any of the following services, contact me below.

  1. I consult on educational assessment
  2. I assess teacher evaluation frameworks
  3. I am a content expert in science education
  4. I teach all levels of physics, math from algebra thru calculus, and chemistry
  5. I teach social intelligence in and apart from the context of Model UN
  6. I practice scientific and quantitative research and methods of inquiry
  7. I am a public speaker, educating students on social intelligence and pushing community initiatives
  8. I coach wrestling
  9. I design curriculum
  10. I design websites and partner with online marketing experts
  11. I simulate and analyze complex physics
  12. I write technically
  13. I counsel
  14. I teach meditation and energy work
  15. I officiate weddings

To further distinguish myself, I will succinctly list my “common sense” practices I apply that are not necessarily common sense:

  1. I practice what I preach
  2. I speak honestly with little regard or need for fluff
  3. I appreciate honesty in return
  4. I work very hard
  5. I value integrity and emblazon it through my intentions
  6. I do not ask for more than I earn
  7. I will always be increasing my value
  8. I will always be learning
  9. I pick myself up when I fall
  10. I live a healthy life

Within the context of my business, I offer workshops, tutoring, and private sessions. If you are interested, please contact me.

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