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Mid-Semester Musings…

Mid-Semester Musings…

Hurricane Sandy is, ironically, providing a short respite… the power is still on, classes are cancelled for two days, I have a moment to make updates on the sites I’m administering, and I can finally reorganize my winter clothes… well, while there’s still power and light…

Since September, I’ve learned and accomplished far more than I expected. For starters, statistical mathematics is much harder than I thought… but much more powerful than I imagined. Probability is a way of envisioning the separation of one potential event into all of its possible actualities, and the defining attributes of the players in this universe of events are definable “after the fact.” It’s actually quite incredible. I now understand why financial analysts think they’re smarter than everyone else, but I still can’t fathom the arrogance that usurps their morality. But to be honest, the difficulty of using these statistical algorithms to make good predictions are far more valuable than any public sector salary… so any true nationalist needs to do some introspection about their tax investment if they want smart people to assist in the reformation of this country. It’s no wonder that analysts would rather make 6 times more money for easier work. (Easier you ask? Yes… because statistical research for social science and psychology is still developing out of its infancy, but the research for finance is 45 years ahead.)

The election is almost over, thank heavens. I’m, admittedly, a politically vested person. I believe in the common good, the general welfare, prevention of warfare, promotion of education and healthcare… and it’s very sad that we can’t be sure that either candidate will push these efforts. What’s even worse is the insane amount of money that runs the PACs that support these two political parties that have a duopoly on our political system… and it seems that our population is far too immature and short-sighted, ignoring the tremendous oligarchical structure that holds our pensions, municipal bonds, college funding, mortgage banking, and our news organizations. Most believe third party candidates to be impractically naive personalities. They may actually be our only way to reform a broken government.

On a personal note, the edits for our book on Model UN Education and Social Intelligence for high school students is complete and finished. The website is ready for media content and our videos from the upcoming RUMUN and HMUN workshops will be available to members, as well as my upcoming presentation on “Presentation Skills: An Application of Social Intelligence” that I’ll be giving to the Rutgers Education Psychology faculty and graduate students. The youtube channel is up and running, the copyright is initiated, and the affiliates are being notified of their ability to make commissions. If you want to help sell our book for online commissions, let me know!

My wife is also beginning her work on her little website adventure. She will be launching her site called the Uneasy Yogini within the next two months. She’ll be promoting her classes, good products, healthy food and exercise, and some nice local spots. One day she’s hoping to have her second career take over her primary… but that is several years away, and we’ve got some parental basics to get through first.


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Web Design & Hosting

Web Design & Hosting

Modern websites require traffic.

They can be gateways to affiliates, a hub that capitalizes on a niche, or a virtual community that shares interests and values…

Do you need membership?

Do you wish to “protect” your content for paid subscribers? Are you planning on linking your website with social networking?

Do you have content ready to go? Is it video, audio, and ebooks?

Do you have your online marketing plan? Are you capitalizing on the free networks that exist already? YouTube? Podcasts? Facebook? Twitter?

Do you have your images created? A home page design? Are you blogging or just presenting static webpages?


Do you have a domain and/or hosting? With what company and what are their capabilities for security, e-commerce, and email?

Have you asked these questions already? Do you need help answering them? Contact me for a consultation.



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Business Project = Internet Deconstruction = Brain Overload…

Business Project = Internet Deconstruction = Brain Overload…

So the idea starts with Model UN kids who use high level social skills and dominate their competitors who don’t. I saw these skills as the most practical lesson that any student can learn… so I got Mr. Anthony White to write an entire book with me on these skills as they apply to Model UN.

fast forward a few months…

How will we sell the book? Online… & at bookstores (eventually)

Who will print it? We will… and later we’ll get some Print-On-Demand company to help (AMAZON)

Ebook? Yup… Kindle (formatting SUCKS), PDF, Nook…

then I started thinking about all these online content sites…

So the next idea was to promote a website that is not only a book advertisement, but what if we were actually TEACHING the material from the book like a tutor? An online tutor!

So we need video (scripts, workshops, info, lessons, cameras, software, stock footage, plugins, Tube Mogul account)

We need a membership site (WordPress with sexy Theme, Digital Access Pass [DAP], vBulletin Forum)

We need to make all the software recognize each other’s databases (Twitter, Facebook, DAP config, WP config, vB config, repeat), take payments (PayPal), start email marketing (DAP’s Autoresponder), create capture pages (Weebly, Wix), use SEO practices (Google Keyword Tool), and finally… make it look pretty (Not quite there yet…).

Lastly, there might actually be an upcoming Mobile App for iPads, iPhones, and the Android Market.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve worked myself into headaches and/or physical numbness

I’m in too deep to give up now…

By the way, two months ago I didn’t know how to do any of this shit. And now, for some reason I want to try heroin.

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Updates Socially Networked…

Updates Socially Networked…

Testing 1, 2, 3, …Test.

My summer of web development projects means that this process should become more rhythmic which each new website…

I’ve decided to base each website in WordPress, which is actually a software package that links with all of these cute Plugins that work together to turn websites into a full media machine.

Each time I activate Sharepress, I link Twitter, Facebook, and even Bit.ly into one complete posting package. I’m making this update in wordpress and the little menu on the right asks me whether I want my post shared. I say ‘yes’ …then it wraps up my title, truncates the description, and fires a quick message to an easily created app in Facebook and another easily created app in Twitter. The LONG link to my post is scrambled into a smaller one to save whitespace, and it even appends a hashtag if I so choose.

Once this final piece of the “sharing” puzzle is complete, the website exists as a living, breathing, blogging platform that needs very little “maintenance” attention.

The next step, if you wanted a full entourage of followers, comes in the form of continually updating every day or two …and optimizing the SEO keywords (using Google’s Keyword Tool), making your site as exploitative as possible. “Capture pages” and email lists then become your marketing campaign; you create multiple websites that act as video promotional campaigns in order to get people to fill in those two little boxes, “name” & “email.”

Don’t be afraid to comment and ask questions if you’re curious about how to do what I’m talking about here. I can teach it… or you can just contract me to get it done. Just click that little “contact me” button.


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