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Updates Socially Networked…

Updates Socially Networked…

Testing 1, 2, 3, …Test.

My summer of web development projects means that this process should become more rhythmic which each new website…

I’ve decided to base each website in WordPress, which is actually a software package that links with all of these cute Plugins that work together to turn websites into a full media machine.

Each time I activate Sharepress, I link Twitter, Facebook, and even into one complete posting package. I’m making this update in wordpress and the little menu on the right asks me whether I want my post shared. I say ‘yes’ …then it wraps up my title, truncates the description, and fires a quick message to an easily created app in Facebook and another easily created app in Twitter. The LONG link to my post is scrambled into a smaller one to save whitespace, and it even appends a hashtag if I so choose.

Once this final piece of the “sharing” puzzle is complete, the website exists as a living, breathing, blogging platform that needs very little “maintenance” attention.

The next step, if you wanted a full entourage of followers, comes in the form of continually updating every day or two …and optimizing the SEO keywords (using Google’s Keyword Tool), making your site as exploitative as possible. “Capture pages” and email lists then become your marketing campaign; you create multiple websites that act as video promotional campaigns in order to get people to fill in those two little boxes, “name” & “email.”

Don’t be afraid to comment and ask questions if you’re curious about how to do what I’m talking about here. I can teach it… or you can just contract me to get it done. Just click that little “contact me” button.


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