A Journey Inwards

My work was always motivated by a deeper curiosity for the nature of things. My double major of physics and philosophy gives an insight to what makes me tick. When I pursued the graduate degree in physics, it was as a search for the nature of reality and the models that have been built to describe it. I’ve come to learn that thinkers have been calling this the “macrocosm.”

In philosophy, not only did we discuss “reality” and this macrocosm, but we also discussed existentialism, epistemology, knowledge, morality, …essentially, the mechanism of the “microcosm.” Consciousness and mindfulness and the mind-body problem are also intrinsic to our operation within reality. I have always been deeply interested in the workings of consciousness as well as physics. The measurement problem in quantum mechanics and the phenomenology of time in special and general relativity are frontiers that do not satisfy objective interpretation. To this end I also pursue this knowledge of the microcosm, also known as the inner world of my consciousness. Little did I know I was actually doing a great deal of that work in my teens.

I have been practicing meditation techniques since I was 15… It started because I wanted to be productive while having insomnia. I had no idea that an adolescent hope to “wake up in my dreams” would end up influencing my life as powerfully as it has.

At first I used a visualization technique out of sheer boredom. I would lay in bed every night, unable to sleep. I had the childish notion that I could become more aware of my dreams and maybe “astral project” according to a book on a high school friend’s bookshelf. The visualization technique was the first “exercise” mentioned and I had actually begun sleeping better out of the mental exhaustion of attempting to see and feel singular lights at different points on my body. Just like in science: when the experiment is repeatable, there must be some truth to the process. So I continued…

Eventually I had some experiences in college that weren’t so normal; lucid dreams, randomly meeting “psychics,” and even reading about ancient philosophical ideas I had whimsically thought of when I was younger. I developed a penchant for physics and I’d try and find subjective parallels to the objective mathematics from my courses. I’d get lost in Capra, Huxley, Nietzsche, Plato, and several ancient Hindu and Taoist books on mysticism and metaphysics. Then my friend started teaching me some Taoist meditation techniques. Then I found Marie Favorito in Boston who’d taught me Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and some Taoist Yoga. Then I was given a Reiki transmission.

When I was 27, with some practice and guidance, I began feeling my own energy. It’s very difficult to describe and I don’t care so much to defend the idea. Some call it Chi, some call it prana, but essentially, I’ll just call it energy because I’m still working out the nuances of my practice and my abilities.

If you’ve always been interested in some type of internal art, e.g. Tai Chi, Yoga, Pranayama, Reiki, Meditation, etc… I can help you get started.

This link is an introduction to meditation that I wrote 6 years ago. If you’d like to go further, contact me.

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