This process can be very daunting to those who know that “something is wrong,” they just don’t know what.

I’ve had a mixed blessing of extreme life experience, especially in terms of seeking the meaning or purpose of my own existence as well as my interaction with others, whether family, friends, or onlooking bystanders.

The way that I begin any initial integral “diagnosis” is to present a list for any new client to think about. You pick 3 things that emotionally stick out and demand your attention. Each of these ideas can be something that makes a client uncomfortable, other times it is something the client is addicted to, it can be a source of strength, it can be a type of spiritual idea that you’re drawn to, and sometimes the word may just be a reminder of a traumatic event.

Feel free to use this list as your own tool for self awareness: Energy, Awareness, Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion, Selfishness, Creativity, Purpose, Relationships, Sex, Marriage, Family, Rules, Past, Future, Destruction, Rules, Success, Failure, Religion, Love, Morality, Money, Goals, Intention work, Jesus, Death & Afterlife, Creation, Human nature, Yoga, Hinduism, Breathing techniques, Visualization techniques, Standing techniques, Buddha, Moving meditations, Affirmations, Cards or coins, Journaling, Dream journals, Prayer, Law of attraction, Astrology, Karma, Archetypes, Mythology…

If any of these significantly captures your emotional attention or makes you feel feelings that you’d like to get rid of, you will definitely benefit from an initial consultation.

The first hour is free and you can give a donation if you’d like.

Again, sorry for the overkill but the law makes this very clear… I am not a Medical Doctor by any means. If you are seeking CLINICAL therapy, please consult a certified psychotherapist or a psychiatrist.

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