Integral Services

From personal counseling to wedding officiant to workshop facilitator, I work with your vision of balance and wellness, connecting your intention with your sense of reality and the present. When you waste your time assimilating the past and preoccupying yourself with the future, you are not here. Health, happiness, and balance are only available right now; those feelings do not “happen” you when you finally “get” what you want…

Specific integral topics that I can teach individually or within a workshop include:

  • Stationary & Moving Meditation Techniques
  • Emotional Control & Management
  • Comparative Religious Symbolism & Mysticism
  • Pathworking & Intentional Work
  • Energy Cultivation & Chi Kung



My ability to give personal counseling is through my ministerial ordination (2003 under Rev. Daniel Chesbro of the Sanctuary of the Beloved in Conesus, NY).