My psychometric training

Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Blog, Featured, Personal Updates, Quantitative Methods, Rutgers GSE

My psychometric training

I’ll be blogging about my graduate training in psychometrics at Rutgers Graduate School of Education under the direction of Dr. Jimmy de la Torre.

I’ve always had an affinity for awareness of my own mind and others’ thought processes. In my undergraduate years, I studied the hard science of physics while looking deeply into the idea of “purpose,” linking to the roots of epistemology and the mystic roots of philosophy. In the most recent years, I’ve taken a different approach and sought to understand communication and social behavior and the statistical models that researchers use to assess their constructs. As a teacher, I’ve also attempted to deconstruct the hindrances of students who didn’t excel but desired to.

My foray back to graduate school is a new path that I have carved for myself, learning the systematic processes that are being used to diagnose a person’s cognitive attributes.

I’m extremely excited to have the ability to take my physics training and turn it inward towards the intangible, also known as “latent variables.” It’s like mapping the microcosm.

In the end, my career goals are earning a spot with an education policy thinktank and assisting in the formulation of a modernized curriculum that can bring the United States back to a position of academic excellence.