Workshops can be offered in every subject for which I offer tutoring, namely:

  • Physics (All Levels)
  • Chemistry (High School Honors, Level 1 & 2)
  • Math (All Levels, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus)
  • Social Skills & Model UN (beginner to advanced)
  • College & Career Advising
  • Personal Coaching (Personal & Professional Relationships, Integral Life Approach)

Within these general categories, there are specific subtopics that may not be obvious to those who may have interest but little expertise. Some customizable workshops that are offered here include:

  • Applying Math to your STEM Inclusion
  • Common math misconceptions and how you can prevent them from hindering your class
  • Laboratory Methods
  • Scientific Error Analysis vs. Sources of Error & Sig Figs
  • Computer Applications for Research or Problem Solving
  • Body Language & Confidence
  • Adolescent and/or Adult Personal Interaction Strategies
  • Public Speaking & Vocal Technique
  • Reprogramming your Emotional Instincts
  • Goal-Oriented Thinking
  • Rapport
  • Meditation, Energy & Self-Awareness Techniques
  • Intention Work & Personal Cultivation

Let me know what you need!


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