Social Intelligence

As our technology flourishes, articles and stories have begun permeating the media with regard to the loss of “community” and the desensitization of our children to sex & violence, and worse, each other.

Since I began studying Social Intelligence in 2006, I have noticed that the type of knowledge that David Brooks alludes to in this article is extremely practical. Job interviews, public debate, and business negotiations are a small subset of “high stakes” situations that can make or break relationships and even careers. It is my goal to establish a system of education that supports “Social Intelligence,” not just Social Studies.

In relation to this goal, I have established The MUNIVERSITY. It will be my first foray into the online classroom community. It is a much needed, modernized curriculum for improving the social skills and negotiating techniques common to all personal and professional interactions.

From sales to international politics, the best communicators are typically the most productive contributors in collaborative projects.

If you would like to schedule a workshop for your school or business, contact me.

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