Education Services

I have been researching, teaching, tutoring, and coaching since I was 18 years old. At 34, most people cannot say that they have 16 years of experience in education.


Formative and summative assessment reviews, core concepts, analysis, and diagnostic validity are at the core of modern education policy, for better or for worse. Each district needs to be educated on the utility and drawbacks of their implementation as well as the implications for their students and teachers.

Teacher Evaluation

Teachers are under the microscope nationwide. Protocols are being advanced, regardless of their validity or their legality. Administrators and Unions BOTH require fluency in the language of these protocols, as well as the expected goals in their implementation. This expertise is in short supply as any fellow teacher will tell you.


Since 2000, I have been tutoring math and science students in middle school, high school, or college from the ages of 13 to 47. Specific subjects include:

  • Physics (All Levels)
  • Chemistry (Honors, Level 1 & 2)
  • Math (All Levels, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus)
  • Social Skills & Model UN (beginner to advanced)
  • College & Career Advising
  • Personal Coaching (Spiritual, Professional, and Personal & Professional Relationships)


Workshops can be offered in every subject listed under my tutoring description. Specific subtopics that may not be obvious to those who may have interest but little expertise include:

  • Assessment Practices
  • Teacher Evaluation Methods and Protocols
  • Quantitative Measures of Education Programs
  • Social Intelligence Concepts and Curriculum
  • Applying Math to your STEM Inclusion
  • Common Mathematical Misconceptions and how they hinder your class
  • Laboratory Methods
  • Scientific Error Analysis vs. Sources of Error & Sig Figs
  • Computer Applications for Research or Problem Solving
  • Body Language & Confidence
  • Adolescent and/or Adult Personal Interaction Strategies
  • Public Speaking & Vocal Technique
  • Reprogramming your Emotional Instincts
  • Goal-Oriented Thinking
  • Rapport
  • Meditation & Self Awareness Techniques
  • Intention Work & Personal Cultivation


With 10 years of experience doing independent engineering & research in public institutions and private companies, I know what is practical and useful for students to learn. With 4 years of teaching college students, I understand the term “college prep.” With 5 years of implementing Physical Science CCCSs in Edison, NJ within Chemistry and Physics, revamping the Physics Level 1 Curriculum of the Edison District including the rewriting of the midterm and final, implementing 5 years of lesson plans for freshmen thru seniors, and when you couple my Ph.D. in physics and my experience with secondary education, you get an uncommon combination of expertise.

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