A Modern Education

A Modern Education

There are a litany of modern skills that are passing directly over the heads of our current public schools.

If you’re reading this, you’re already using one mode of modern communication that is definitely used in modern classrooms, yet the mechanism of its use is rarely touched upon. The modern teacher often struggles with educating students on plagiarism and proper citations of wikipedia, but they would be highly unusual if they displayed the knowledge of using hyperlinks, blogging software, and search engine optimization. My ability to post my thoughts on this webpage is a product of modern technology and software of which few of my friends are even literate. Yet the basics of digital communication are being taught in first grade schools in such countries as India, China, South Korea, and even ESTONIA. But why not the United States?

Here, innovation is a significant piece of the economic puzzle but it is also necessary for us to advance the goals of education considering that the world’s technological changes are happening so quickly while our American schools’ curricula have been at a near standstill for 120 years. Globalization is requiring aggregate research, a larger pool of statistics, adaptive communication, fluency in data interpretation, and a modern concept of the word “social.” Yet most teachers would scoff at this skill set, demanding that students receive a traditional “encompassing” view of segmented subjects such as English and American literary classics, American history, mathematics, science, physical education, and a foreign language. They will rarely connect the literature with history, mathematics with science, and technology is utterly absent. Physical education glosses over nutrition and anatomy, and emotional health is a laugh among most gym teachers. And let’s not even get started on foreign languages and the kind of pseudo-patriotism in this country. Nor will I even attempt to opine over the legislation of Creationism in today’s biology classes. Euthanasia will surely follow.

Under the “globalization” foundation of our future, I will expound upon one single word that is evolving so rapidly that most academics are struggling to keep pace with both the definition of it, as well as the technology of it. This word is “SOCIAL.”

Social sciences have rarely been treated as “science.” If it were, the typical quotes such as, “the winner writes the history books” wouldn’t exist. Qualitative interpretations of historical texts and census data usually usurp the type of cause & effect logic that governs quantitative analysis. But in the last 20 years our scientists have begun to demonstrate that social behavior is consistent with neurology, that emotional response hinders neurological function, and that rapport is chemical!

Despite these sociological breakthroughs, the word “Social” is also a new underpinning of the most expansive communication platform on the planet, the internet. We are using “social media” and “social networking” in ways that most of the world could have never dreamed… in business, in journalism, in education, and even acdemics.

I started The MUNIVERSITY with the goal of teaching the modern ideas of “Social Intelligence,” starting from the students’ understanding of interpersonal skills, and then expanding their personal sphere of networking & influence and extending their mastered sense of personal communication into the technological sphere of the internet.

If you’d like to stay connected to The MUNIVERSITY and use some of our resources for your own benefit or use, sign up for our free newsletter and our forum!

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A week of preparation, culmination, and avoiding the RU Screw…

A week of preparation, culmination, and avoiding the RU Screw…

Virtual Classroom 1.0

The MUNIVERSITY officially opened this week. Although it is still an evolving project, the structure of the site is finally robust for members to join, and the content will continually evolve. We’ll be posting videos of our first workshop on the Inner Game techniques of Social Intelligence.

In the course of developing this SI framework, I had finally begun researching Social Intelligence experts… and it just so turns out that they began teaching Social Intelligence strategies to business leaders 14 years ago! A man named Daniel Goleman wrote about it in the Harvard Business Review in 1998 and even billionaire Karl Albrecht had written a book on its relationship to Leadership. Strangely, I also just discovered that there are some pioneers in SI Education in the Psychology department at Rutgers! Woohoo! Maybe there is a reason for all of this…


Rutgers 2.0

Transitioning into the fellowship at Rutgers is also an endeavor in and of itself. I’m discovering the new registration process (no more dialup…), they retained my email from 1996, “genotype” Rutgers University also had their Graduate Student Orientation on Monday. I learned that as a fellow, I am considered “Faculty/Staff,” my health insurance is covered, and my access to the University’s resources is greater than I remember.

Having been through 4 years of RU undergrad and 6 years of grad school already, obviously I was very prepared for my re-entrance into Rutgers. I called every person who had something important to do with handling my information, e.g. Payroll Account, Professors, RU Connection, Financial Aid, Health Insurance, Parking… etc. Needless to say, I was still “forgotten.”

Despite being in the system on every other measure, my Health Insurance almost slipped through the cracks. I called to ask pertinent questions about my term bill and the options for Health Insurance. Apparently, I was not on her “list.” I could tell that there was some immediate sympathy because she suggested coming in to talk to her. There were about 4 or 5 things on my checklist to complete on campus and there is no substitute for facetime, so I showed up to the heart of graduate operations, 25 Bishop Pl.

Simona welcomed me, told me the deal, confirmed my existence, and allowed me to log in and complete 75% of my on campus checklist through her computer! She guided me through the health insurance waiver and the printing of my term bill. She gave me a bag to keep my “Bible” of RU Literature that had accumulated since admission. Then she said her father’s name was Eugene, too. Needless to say, I have found an administrative ally.



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Business Project = Internet Deconstruction = Brain Overload…

Business Project = Internet Deconstruction = Brain Overload…

So the idea starts with Model UN kids who use high level social skills and dominate their competitors who don’t. I saw these skills as the most practical lesson that any student can learn… so I got Mr. Anthony White to write an entire book with me on these skills as they apply to Model UN.

fast forward a few months…

How will we sell the book? Online… & at bookstores (eventually)

Who will print it? We will… and later we’ll get some Print-On-Demand company to help (AMAZON)

Ebook? Yup… Kindle (formatting SUCKS), PDF, Nook…

then I started thinking about all these online content sites…

So the next idea was to promote a website that is not only a book advertisement, but what if we were actually TEACHING the material from the book like a tutor? An online tutor!

So we need video (scripts, workshops, info, lessons, cameras, software, stock footage, plugins, Tube Mogul account)

We need a membership site (WordPress with sexy Theme, Digital Access Pass [DAP], vBulletin Forum)

We need to make all the software recognize each other’s databases (Twitter, Facebook, DAP config, WP config, vB config, repeat), take payments (PayPal), start email marketing (DAP’s Autoresponder), create capture pages (Weebly, Wix), use SEO practices (Google Keyword Tool), and finally… make it look pretty (Not quite there yet…).

Lastly, there might actually be an upcoming Mobile App for iPads, iPhones, and the Android Market.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve worked myself into headaches and/or physical numbness

I’m in too deep to give up now…

By the way, two months ago I didn’t know how to do any of this shit. And now, for some reason I want to try heroin.

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We are the teachers of the new school. The MUNIVERSITY is a Globalization Education Model of recreating history INTERACTIVELY and IN CONTEXT.

The problem with education today is the lack of contextual application. We teach our system while applying every concept. It is immediate feedback and it gets immediate results.

We welcome you to a new perspective. Social intelligence is the modern skill of thoughtful and powerful communication. The earlier you learn these skills, the more quickly you will evolve into the respected leader you want to be.

Our website will be incorporating video classes and lessons, special topic newsletters, a podcast full of informative discussions and interviews, and a forum for Q&A, comments, and discussions of all of our classes. We invite you to be a part of The MUNIVERSITY!

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Time commitment and Prices: The First Official MUNIVERSITY workshop will be Monday-Friday, July 30-August 3. If you register before June 15, the fees are $250. If you register anytime after June 15, up to the fulfillment of our 40 slots, there is a $50 late fee.

Location: Middlesex County College. There will be three days of instruction in a lecture hall and computer lab, and two days of training held as a Committee.


This 5-day workshop will be a tour de force of public speaking, writing, debate, and social/interpersonal skills. This may be the most practical sort of education that any student can get. Every single opportunity to interact with another human being is an opportunity to learn and better yourself as well as an opportunity to practice our leadership skills. To be eloquent, influential, and assertive are three qualities that earn respect in all professional and academic communities. These are the three characteristic qualities of an effective leader. The structure, function and process of the Model United Nations is the ideal “virtual reality” of negotiation within which to develop and evoke these qualities in any young student.

The following is a general overview of the workshop agenda

**Note: There will be a 30 minute break each day for lunch. Students need to bring their own lunch.

Day 1:

  • Introduction and Overview of MUN-E
  • The Mantra of Model United Nations
  • Communicating ~ Confidence/Body Language/Voice ~ Listening
  • Public Speaking ~ Theory/Practice
  • General Overview of UN Parliamentary Procedure
  • Countries and research tasks will be assigned

Day 2:

  • Argument, Rhetoric, and Dialectic
  • Establishing a Position, the Position Paper
  • Research Skills
  • Research Strategy ~ Generalities/Specifics
  • Resolutions ~ Goals/Strategies/Writing
  • Traits of effective Working Papers

Day 3:

  • The Types of Delegates You Will Encounter
  • Award-winning Strategies
  • Moderated Caucus ~ Principle/Theory/Practice/Formalities
  • Unmoderated Caucus ~ Principle/Theory/Practice/INFormalities
  • Simulated Moderated and Unmoderated Caucus
  • Debate
  • The Position of the Chair

Day 4:

  • Informal and Interactive Preliminary Research and Preparation
  • Formal Committees ~ Moderated and Unmoderated Caucus
  • Informal and Interactive Instruction by the Chair and Secretariat

Day 5:

  • Formal Committees ~ Moderated and Unmoderated Caucus
  • Possible Select Small Cabinet and/or Crisis Committee
  • Awards
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The Faculty of The MUNIVERSITY

The two people that have written this book on Model UN and developed the training at The MUNIVERSITY are Dr. Eugene Geis and Anthony White.

We are two advisors in our early 30′s, graduates of the most diverse high school in America at its time. We hold degrees from Seton Hall, Rutgers University, and Arizona State University in history, secondary education, and physics. We teach, coach sports, and advise Model UN. We are the bees knees. We are friends. We laugh when HMUN demands an advisor dress code. We dislike the policies of certain secretariats who have treated us poorly.  We admire the kids we watch become adults. We control 85 kids on school trips. We don’t have issues. Well, not the normal types of issues…
if you’d like to ask questions, we’ll respond… So comment below!!

We’ve also brought along several very successful delegates from our tenure at JP Stevens. You may know some of them already. Check out our video and see if you recognize them…

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