Applied Science and Math…

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Featured, Professional, Quantitative Methods

Applied Science and Math…

I earned a Ph.D. in Physics in May, 2007. I applied extensive analysis to nuclear scattering data in collaboration with international scientists in the federally funded BLAST experiment which took place at MIT.

For the following five years, I taught physics and physical science at one of the best high schools in NJ and worked seasonally and as a consultant for Twinleaf LLC, using Matlab and COMSOL’s FEM package in designing ultra-precise configurations of magnetic shielding and field coils for the world’s most precise magnetic flux detectors.

I’ll be attending Rutgers Graduate School of Education as a GAANN Fellow and will be collaborating with Dr. Jimmy de la Torre on statistical methods in cognitive diagnosis modeling.

I’ve also been certified as an Audio Engineer, finishing my training at the Conservatory for Recording Arts & Sciences. Check out my projects page to hear some of my recording projects.