A new look at student performance…

Posted by on Jun 22, 2013 in Blog, Current Events, Opinions

A new look at student performance…

This article, reporting on the data of new hires at Google, should teach us a lesson.

Google is an expert in data collection, analysis, and the business of technology (which is pretty much the future of the modern world’s economic growth and is still barely mentioned in any school curriculum). They’ve reported that a new hire’s GPA and their success on Google’s legendary in-interview brain-teasers are NOT predictive of job performance.

Further, another study that I’ve just learned of shows that there is a score threshold for predicting success in scientific subjects, specifically math and physics, that does not exist in any other test for any other major. So maybe standardized tests are great… but only for technically minded students.

How long will it take us to integrate this new information into the way we educate our children? Considering the current stagnation of progressive, forward-thinking policy shifts, it will probably take decades.

Let’s just consider the possibility of breaking the strict guidelines of our current curriculum, allowing students to express their interests and creativity in an environment that fosters ideas and the analyzation of current events and breakthroughs. I would never suggest removing all levels of testing and quality control measures like grades… but this continuous discussion of “accountability” (which is typically aimed squarely at teachers) should start being refocused onto the policy maneuvers that brought us to the deficiencies we witness in our public education system.